SupDet 2016:
SupDet 2016 will address the latest developments in research, technology, and applications for the fire protection community.

Fire Protection for a Changing World:
The symposium will feature research institutions, insurers, global property owners, and fire service perspectives on emerging issues in fire protection.

Fire Toxicity 2016

Fire Toxicity 2016 will discuss the options for introducing fire toxicity regulation into the European Construction Products Regulations.

Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

This international symposium offers the possibility to exchange knowledge and to gain deeper insight into the newest developments in the topic.

  Company News
Intelligent Fire Systems Protect the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas

Intelligent fire systems from Advanced have helped AM Fire & Electronic Services meet the unique challenges of installing a code-compliant fire system at the IPEC.

Texas Railyard Selects SharpEye Flame Detectors

A Texas railyard has chosen Spectrex SharpEye Flame Detectors to provide top protection.

Fire Alarm Control Panels Help Safeguard Serbian Telecoms

Twenty-six new Telekom Srbija telecommunication facilities are being protected by fire safety systems that use Kentec fire alarm control panels.

Safety Systems for Ichthys Gas Field Project (INPEX)

HIMA was selected by the Ichthys joint venture to be the supplier for the safety instrumented systems and the fire and gas system.

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Fire & Safety Issue

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Portable Gas Detection

A multi-gas portable detector, delivering long runtime and reliability — small size, low cost and the easiest user experience.

Thermal Imager for Firefighting

The argus Mi-TIC S is the smallest thermal imager to feature a large format, high resolution display for advanced fire fighting applications.

Portable Escape System

A portable escape system that allows users to safely scale down buildings during fires and other emergencies.

Vertical In-Line (VIL) Fire Pump

The vertical in-line design saves up to 60% of floor space compared to equivalent horizontal split-case installations.

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